The rapid development of technology today has changed the business competition map. Those who are able to integrate their business strategy with the technology will win the competition. As a technology university, ITS has the vision to contribute to the nation’s economy through the development the of technology-based business. Creating a marketable and highly competitive product will require effective and efficient business strategy planning. For that reason since 2011, ITS established the Business Management degree program.

The undergraduate program of Business Management aims to prepare graduates who are able to pursue a┬ácareer in the business world: as an Entrepreneur or business professional with an entrepreneurial mindset. This program is designed to provide the necessary skills and knowledge in managing a business in today’s technology-based competition era. In addition, students are equipped with communication skills and managerial understanding in managing technological innovations appropriate for the development of Indonesian society.

Problem-Based Learning a Lab Based Education provides a unique experience for students in real conditions in running a business and critical decision making. Learning is done through a combination of conventional class lectures, tutorials, field practice and case studies to make students not only understand the theory, but can apply the theory into real problems.

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